Making one photographer stand out

Peter Crymble approached us when he wanted to turn a hobby into a business and we created a wedding photographer brand that reflected the high quality of his work. We developed the Peter Thomas name and brand and now, a few years later, Peter Thomas is one of the leading photography studios in Northern Ireland. We’ve helped Peter build a brand that has grown and expanded with his offering - starting out with weddings, Peter Thomas now also offers portraits, commercial work and pet portraits.

From stationery and signage through to website and brochures, we’ve helped Peter establish himself as one of Northern Ireland’s leading photographers - and he’s got plenty of awards to prove it.




Peter Thomas is about so much more than simply taking photographs. He is always driven by a love of capturing special moments that people can look back on remember. Whether it’s wedding days, newborns, family portraits or even pets, we’ve built a brand around remembering the special people and special moments in our lives. The material we produce for Peter first and foremost is about showcasing the amazing work he does. The simple branding allows the photographs to do the talking, while the emotive tone of voice shows the understanding and sensitivity Peter and his team have for the moments they capture.


We’ve helped Peter
as he has expanded his
brand - with portrait sales increasing by 104%
since 2016.