Working with a revolving brand…

We were approached by the Bangor Worldwide Convention in 2017 to tender for the promotion and advertising work for their unique event. Established in 1937, Bangor Worldwide was established with the aim of promoting and supporting world mission. The convention encourages people to think globally and about the part they can play in God’s bigger story. Our 2018 campaign was centred on their chosen concept of ‘Pray the Lord of the harvest’.

In keeping with Worldwide’s brand styling of bold colours and simple clean visuals, we created the brand for the 2018 convention and this shaped the launch and promotion of all the events across the week. The convention is one of a kind in the UK and we’re looking forward to the next campaign in summer 2019 where we will adapt the brand to suit the new theme.




Bangor Worldwide is a unique event within the UK and we have sought to help them develop their brand to reflect the scale and uniqueness of the event. Our desire was to help them better tell their story and communicate how big a difference the convention is making in the lives of people across the world. In a world where having faith in Jesus, in many cases, leads to imprisonment, torture and death there is a huge importance on raising awareness of the situations people face, the needs that arise from that and encouraging and equipping people to go into the world and make an impact. The brand styling, which changes from year to year, has been built on a solid foundation - making an impact to the ends of the earth.