Getting to know us


We’re a creative brand agency just outside Belfast. Founded in 2008, we’ve spent the last 10 years thinking, rethinking, designing, writing and tackling all kinds of design projects for our clients. We love building clear, distinctive brands and helping them become established, diversify and grow.

Whether it's a new start-up or an established business wanting to shake things up a little, we spend every day helping our clients communicate their ideas and businesses through effective branding.




Building brands with clarity

From the beginning we start with one simple focus - how do we create branding that clearly reflects the business or organisation behind it? To achieve this we think strategically not just creatively. We get to know you, your business structure, values and offerings and we build a brand that communicates these things with clarity, to both to your team and your target market. This approach strengthens your position within your market in a way that’s different. It's a process that goes way beyond simply having a nice logo.


Bringing it all to life

It’s one thing creating an effective brand, it’s another to know how and where to bring it to life. We work across a range of different media so that we can get your brand in front of your audience, whether that’s in their hands or on their screens. Consistency in everything you do is key to creating a strong brand.

We work with a collective of great people who animate, illustrate, film, develop, photograph, print & make - the best people doing the things they do best.


Committing to our clients

When we work with a brand we become a part of it - caring about every little detail as if it was our own. We’re in it for the long term. Why? The world around us changes quickly and very often that means our businesses or products need to change. We love building long lasting relationships with our clients so that as their business needs to evolve, their brand evolves with them.